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dokkun glostrup fejl i dating. Page Name - Enter Home. Notice the filter Assigned To contains 'carla' has been added to the Report Settings area above the report. 6/19, this tutorial provides an introduction to Application Express report types, illustrates how to create a parameterized report, and demonstrates how the user can dynamically manipulate the interactive report format. Resetting to the Default Report Settings In this section, you reset the report back to the default settings saved at the beginning of "Saving Report Settings and Selecting Columns". Chart adds a chart to your interactive report. Mødetelefon tdc nordjysk computerservice.

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Click the Application ID link on the Developer toolbar at the bottom of the page. Aggregate enables users to perform mathematical computations against a column. Click the Create button. Link to Custom Target: This option enables the user to go to another page in the application or to a URL, depending on which target was specified by the developer. Under Page Definition, enter Issue Details for Page Name. In this section, you create an application using the Create Application Wizard and then run the application. For Source, replace with the following SQL: select "IT_issues"."issue_ID" as "issue_ID "IT_issues"."issue_summary" as "issue_summary "IT_people"."person_name" as "identified_BY "IT_issues"."identified_date" as "identified_date "IT_projects"."project_name" as "project_name "IT_people_1"."person_name as "assigned_TO "IT_issues"."status" as "status "IT_issues"."priority" as "priority as "target_resolution_date "IT_issues"."progress" as "progress as "actual_resolution_date" from "IT_people" "IT_people_1 "IT_projects" "IT_projects "IT_people". The Save Report options region appears.


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Sort specifies which columns to sort on and whether the order is ascending or descending. A classic report does not by default include any of the interactive report customization features. A parameterized report is a dynamic report based on input from the application user or another component in the application. The report is displayed showing all issues. The Single Row View enables the user to view data, not modify. Create Application - Select From scratch. For Operator, select does not contain. Adding a Filter to a Report In this section, you add a filter to the report from the Search Bar. A theme is collection of templates that define the layout and style of an application. Only some of the most common customizations are shown in this section.

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For Name, specify the following: Name - Enter Parameterized Report. Posted on by mødetelefon tdc nordjysk computerservice Gratis og smart mødetelefon på Category: Massage taastrup knep i aften Kvinder, mens mere her på hjemmesiden gang vi har været hvor klam. The report is generated based on the name provided by the user. You can add a filter by using the: Search Bar Column Heading Menu Actions Menu To add a filter to the report from the Search Bar: Make sure page 2 is still running and click the Select Columns icon in the Search Bar (the icon. To add data in this report from tables other tables, you modify the Issues report SQL query and then use the Actions menu to include the added columns in the report. The Application Builder home page appears. Next, you disable then enable the filter. Flashback performs a flashback query enabling you to view the data as it existed at a previous point in time. You save the customized report settings for future use. The filter displays all issues assigned to Carla.

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