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does not participate in the next round. Is the Norwegian edition of the British television series, Strictly Come Dancing. Since Tshawe Baqwa was on a concert tour at the time of the super-final took second pair from 2007 instead of the winning pair. (season 8) Ben Adams, singer (partnered by Tone Jacobsen) Lars Erik Blokkhus, singer (partnered by Maria Sandvik) Stein Johan Grieg Halvorsen, actor/comedian (partnered by Marianne Sandaker) Cathrine Larsåsen, pole vaulter (partnered by Tom-Erik Nilsen) Linni Meister, singer model (partnered by Calle Sterner) Marit Mikkelsplass, skier. The second and third seasons were produced. She was partnered by Mats Brattlie Finn Christian Jagge, former alpine skier. He was partnered by Gyda Kathrine Bloch Svela-Thorsen Mari Maurstad, entertainer. He was partnered by Alexandra Kakurina Ingar Helge Gimle, actor. Winners were TV hostess Katrine Moholt and her partner Bjørn Wettre Holthe. She was partnered by Tom Arild Hansen Christer Torjussen, comedian.

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Contents, full time presenter, competed as a contestant before being a presenter Full time presenter, competed as a contestant before being a presenter. He was partnered by Maria Sandvik Winner Esben Esther Pirelli Benestad, transvestite doctor. In which the winning pairs from the four previous seasons, participated. Judges are the same from last year Trine Dehli Cleve, Tor Fløysvik, Karianne Gulliksen Stensen and Christer Tornell. (season 6) In the sixth season of Skal vi danse? Dancing celebrities with professional dancers and companies are reviewed by a panel of judges and the TV viewers. They defeated Mona Grudt and Glenn Jørgen Sandaker. Contents, couples edit, scoring Chart edit. The record with 733,000 viewers on average in the season premiere was reached for the first program of series 4 (12 September 2008). Indicates the winning couple. Total results Dancers 1st result 2nd result 3rd result Overall Rating Results Source Kathrine/Bjørn Kristian/Alexandra Kakurina Mona/Glenn Jørgen Sandaker Lene/Tom-Erik Nilsen st result Dancers Source Result Judges' score Trine Raymond Christer Trond Cecile Tor Kathrine/Bjørn Kristian/Alexandra Kakurina Mona/Glenn Jørgen Sandaker Lene/Tom-Erik Nilsen Second Result Dancers. Couples Place 1 Carsten Elena Mia Glenn Red numbers indicate the lowest score for each week. She was partnered by Asmund Grinaker Season 4 (Autumn 2008) edit Main article: Skal vi danse? He was partnered by Ingrid Beate Thompson Kristian Ødegård, TV-producer and comedian/joke host. The order of the safe couples doesn't reflect the viewer voting results. She was partnered by Tom-Erik Nilsen Susann Goksør Bjerkrheim, former handball-player. Will return on Autumn 2010 according to TV 2 after the finale of season 5 Skal vi danse? Steffen Tangstad the dress rehearsal for the series in 2006. Series overview edit, attendees edit, season 1 (Spring 2006) edit, skal vi danse is the Norwegian version of a British TV concept, where celebrities compete in dance. This couple came in last place with the judges and was eliminated. 1, the winners were, carsten mannlig massør oslo private porno Skjelbried and Elena Bokoreva Wiulsrud. She was partnered by Glenn Jørgen Sandaker Pia Haraldsen, TV host. (season 4) In the fourth season attended Gaute Ormåsen, Hans Petter Buraas, Tor Endresen, Tore André Flo, Janne Formoe, Mikkel Gaup, Siri Kalvig, Hanne Krogh, Jenny Skavlan, Sigurd Sollien and Lene Alexandra Øien. She was partnered by Jan Eric Fransson Jostein Pedersen, TV host. He was partnered by Lena Granaas Lillebø Elisabeth Andreassen, singer.

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